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our two beautiful Male dogs.

we have two beautiful male dogs available for breeding, contact us for Breeding information.

Chocolate Rocky aka WEASLEY

Chocolate rocky ( as the UK knows him) is a Chocolate Isabella merle boy that has recently set foot on South African soil. Weasley as he is now known is a very intelligent and kind boy.He is sure to make a difference in the market as he has fantastic structure and amazing colour genetics to back him up, he is a new shade Isabella and fluffy creator truly something special. Here are his genes:ayat/Dd/Coco/bb/Ee/L1/Mn (something quite different)

Benjamin Grey

Benjamin grey is the sweetest boy one could ever met, with such a soft heart and beautiful shimmer he is sure to steal any pet lover's heart. Benji is a beautiful Lilac tan boy with super structure and very cute personality to back him up . here are his Genes:atat/coco/dd 

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